HILOTHERM - Cooling therapy

Hilotherapy - ICE is yesterday's snow

Avoid swelling and hematoma from injuries or surgery

With the Hilotherapy cooling method it is possible to simple In this way, it has become possible to cool the body in injured areas at a constant temperature for hours or even days. The important thing with long-term cooling is that the tissue temperature does not drop below 15 degrees. If it is lower for an extended period of time, damage to the skin, tissues and nerves can be caused, and the lymphatic drainage necessary for healing will be disrupted. Due to the constant temperature, even hours of cooling are perceived as pleasant by patients.

Swelling and hematomas are quickly reduced or can be completely prevented. The especially after acute injuries or operations. In addition, this method has a pain-reducing effect. Some cantonal hospitals and special clinics use Hilotherm as a standard cooling method. It is applied immediately after surgery and then remains with the patient for at least 18 hours. The very simple operation and automatic mode of operation gives the clinics not only enthusiastic patients but also a reduction in the workload of the nursing staff and, ultimately, substantial cost savings compared with conventional cooling agents such as ice, cold bags or quark compresses.

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Hilotherm ChemoCare

HILOTHERM ChemoCare - Avoid polyneuropathy

Used prophylactically, hilotherm therapy can significantly reduce the risk of developing chemotherapy-induced polyneuropathy (CIPN).

But how does hilotherapy prevent polyneuropathy (CIPN) and hand-foot syndrome?

To prevent the chemotherapeutic agent from penetrating the capillaries of the extremities, blood flow and metabolism must be slowed down. This is done by lowering the tissue temperature. Thus, lowering the temperature by 10°C already reduces the metabolic rate by 50%. By means of Hilotherapy, the tissue temperature is adjusted locally in the area of hands and feet to an individual value and kept constantly cool. The reduction of metabolism and blood flow at a constant level limits the penetration of the chemotherapeutic agent into the extremities and thus the exit via the sweat glands.

The advantages of HILOTHERM ChemoCare

- Reduction of blood flow to the hands and feet throughout chemotherapy
- Significant reduction in the penetration of chemotherapeutic agents into the extremities.
- Avoidance of side effects on hands and feet
- Elimination of associated lengthy post-treatments
Profit in quality of life

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