Pain therapy with TENS

TENS - Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Pain Treatment

Pain is a sensible warning signal from the body that wants to let us know that something is wrong. However, if causal therapy is not possible and the pain recurs regularly or even becomes chronic, then it has lost its original meaning.

With TENS offers itself a simple way to achieve relief from various types of pain.

By electrically stimulating the peripheral nerves located under the skin in the pain area with skin electrodes, the pain conduction to the ascending pathways is blocked. By blocking the pain impulse, the pain is registered less or no longer by the brain.

Alternatively, the body's own pain defense system can be activated. It triggers a release of the body's own endorphins. (Morphine-like effect).

This form of therapy is a pain suppression (reduction of pain perception). It is therefore important to know the cause of the pain and to apply the therapy only on the order of a specialist.

Thanks to modern Medical technology can laugh carefree again

It is impossible to imagine modern medicine without technical devices. They are used in many therapies and can also be used at home.

Hospitals, clinics, neurorehabilitation centers, paraplegic centers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists - they all work with devices to suppress pain. For many causes of pain, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a good way to relieve suffering.

With pioneering spirit and commitment, Parsenn-Produkte AG has succeeded in making electrostimulation devices known to clinics and therapists, but also for home treatment. In the meantime, we have become one of the market leaders in Switzerland in this field. All devices are sold exclusively through therapists, doctors and specialist personnel - because successful therapy essentially depends on their knowledge.

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