Shockwave therapy

Calcified shoulder, tennis elbow or heel spur? Thanks to a new shock wave therapy, a unique system with extracorporeal shock wave generation (Orthospec), such ailments now ideally require only two outpatient, largely pain-free treatments. Shock wave therapy is used in orthopedics, sports medicine, rheumatology, rehabilitation and physical medicine. Calcifications in tendons (burses) can be broken down by the pressure of shock wave therapy. Poorly healing or fragmented bone fractures are healed more quickly and tendon attachment inflammation can also be treated efficiently with this therapy method.

Orthospec - unique shock wave therapy system

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy ESWT

An electrode generates a high voltage spark in an elliptical reflector filled with water. The resulting acoustic pressure wave reflects and forms the patented therapy zone, which creates a mechanical effect inside the tissue.

Orthospec is a revolution in orthopedic and rheumatologic therapy. For the first time, doctors can use a system that eliminates the need for X-ray or ultrasound localization. Patients are not exposed to radiation. The effective energy is distributed over a large zone, allowing painless treatment without anesthesia.

Impressive advantages

- New development with patented, wide treatment zone
- No X-ray or ultrasound localization necessary
- No anesthesia necessary
- Shorter treatment time
- Simple handling
- Tested for the following indications
- Calcifications in tendons ("calcified shoulder")
- Calcifications in bursae (bursitis)
- Tendon attachment inflammation
- Delayed fracture healing
- Areas of application
- Orthopedics
- Sports medicine
- Rheumatology
- Rehabilitation
- Physical medicine
- Traumatology

Effect of shock wave therapy

- Calcifications in tendons and bursae (bursae); can be broken down by pressure into smaller pieces, sometimes almost to dust.
- An increased blood supply to the treated Area; entails an improvement of the metabolism in the corresponding tissue.
- Osteorestoration
- Shockwave therapy breaks splintered bone fractures, allowing for faster healing.

Effect hypotheses

- Destruction of cell membranes
- There is no longer a so-called generator potential between the inside of the cell and the outside. This means that pain signals can no longer be sent.
- Stimulation of the nociceptors
- This causes flooding and blockage of nerve conductions to the central nervous system (spinal cord and brain).
- Formation of free radicals
- and thus change the chemical milieu in the environment. In this way, increased pain-inhibiting substances are produced.
- Change in the regulatory circuit controlling muscle and vascular tone.
- The resulting change in reflex pattern leads to normalization of movement sequences.


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