Parsenn-Produkte AG always treats the environment with the greatest respect. For 45 years, we have built up strong expertise in the areas of beauty and health. The core area of skin care has been consistently rounded off with attractive product developments and expansions. We are proud that the high quality of our innovative Products recognized by the market for decades.

"From the substances and ingredients used, to packaging, to logistics and on-site partnerships: We are committed to sustainable entrepreneurship."

CEO Oliver Lüscher

Clean Beauty

The Products from Tal are above all one thing: an effective homage to the homeland! The credo: As much skin-friendly nature as possible, no unnecessary additives. Step by step into a sustainable(r) future.
Tal uses only the highest quality plant extracts and proven efficacy, combined with the latest science to create products of outstanding quality. Today, our products are already all nearly vegan and free of parabens, silicones and SLS.

The new vegan natural cosmetics line 'Tal Nature' is COSMOS certified, which means completely natural and without animal ingredients.

We have always attached great importance to animal welfare and therefore strictly and consistently refrain from animal testing.


Use short distances and synergies with local business

The Tal brand is and remains at home in Switzerland. And for at least two good reasons. Because if you want to be sustainable as a company, you would do well to handle work from conception to production centrally. Tal therefore works with Swiss contract manufacturers and partners wherever possible, not least to guarantee Swiss quality and know-how - and of course to keep the ecological footprint low.

Tal uses only pure and high-quality raw materials with targeted plant power from Graubünden. For example, with the symbol of the Swiss Alps, the edelweiss. It is particularly resistant and its ingredients are excellent as radical scavengers and for cell protection. Some of the edelweiss extracts used come from plantations high above the tranquil mountain villages of Graubünden. Durability studies are also already being carried out with grape seed oil from the Bündner Herrschaft.
Other plants used for Tal such as horsetail, anise, pine needle, arnica and marigolds are also "Made in Switzerland". Just like the mountain spring water used for the products of the Med line. Swiss mountain spring water is known for its purity and cleanliness. It is also rich in minerals. Water is therefore not "just" water, but an essential factor in valley skin care.


Standing still is a step backwards. Tal therefore works continuously on the further development of its products and seeks innovative solutions in packaging. Plastic waste is a major burden on nature and the environment. For cosmetic products in particular, plastics have their advantages, for example in terms of transport, storage and shelf life. And yet it is the duty of every cosmetics company to design products that are fairer, more resource-friendly, and even more natural. Even more so when it comes to packaging.
Tal is in constant contact with suppliers in order to identify and respond to the latest trends in packaging materials. For the sake of the product, for the sake of the consumer, for the sake of the environment. The latest hand cream in the Tal range, Tal Nature, for example, is made of a disposable material that is 98% recyclable.
We make sure that our packaging is recyclable and are committed to using as little packaging material as possible. Further improvements from the packaging industry will follow.

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