Muscle stimulation

Muscle stimulation FES/NMS

Functional Electro Stimulation / Neuro Muscular Stimulation

Muscle stimulation with electric current performs the same function that our brain needs to control certain muscles. When we want to trigger the contraction (=contraction) of a muscle, the brain transmits the command in the form of currents that reach the muscles through nerve fibers and control them motorically.

In neurological electrostimulation, the excitation of the muscles is produced by means of harmless electrical impulses directly on the motor nerve. The muscle can thus be made to contract even without voluntary control of the brain.

This therapy is used in specialized rehabilitation after injuries, surgeries, muscle weakness, posture training and as a support to relearn certain movements.

EMG Triggered muscle stimulation with biofeedback

The goal of treatment with EMG triggered muscle stimulation is to regain control function over disabled or paralyzed body parts after stroke or other motor losses.

Electrodes are attached to the muscle of the disabled limb to be treated and connected to the device via a cable. Even though the patient cannot visibly move the muscle, signals sent by the brain still reach it. The specially developed device measures the activation of the "brain waves" when the patient attempts to move. If a certain threshold of the triggering current is now exceeded, an electrical stimulation takes over the function of the movement.
The regular performance of this exercise leads to a training effect with the goal of being able to move the affected extremities again without aids.

The current impulses used are completely harmless and the therapy can also be performed at home, if necessary with the help of a family member, after appropriate instruction.

EMG (feedback) triggered muscle stimulation supports active taring of a muscle function with the patient's assistance.
In this way, the patient learns to control a specific muscle correctly again and is corrected by the technique if the movement pattern is incorrect.

The therapy is used in rehabilitation of stroke, neurological diseases, incontinence treatment and other pathway losses.

Therapy equipment

EvoStim T Swiss Edition

Neurotrac MyoPlus 2 Pro

Neurotrac MyoPlus Pro

Electrode placement

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