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Brain stimulation with tact

Tip stimulation with tipstim® - A completely new therapeutic approach in rehabilitation after a stroke. Plastic Processes of the brain - neuroplasticity - modify perception and behavior throughout life. In order to trigger neuroplasticity, intensive training is required. Especially after disease-related damage to the brain, an intensive and long-lasting rehabilitation process is often necessary. Tipstim® helps to accelerate this process significantly.


The tipstim® Pulse generator sends special signals to the glove (tipstim® glove).


Via novel, integrated into the glove (tipstim® glove), these impulses are transmitted to the fingertips.


From there, the impulses are transmitted via nerve tracts to areas of the brain that are responsible for the movement of the hand.


Direct stimulation of these brain areas ensures reactivation of the area damaged by the stroke. In addition, compensatory processes are promoted in neighboring, unaffected brain areas.


The result is usually a significantly improved sense of touch as well as greater mobility.

Tip stimulation with tipstim® bypasses lengthy training processes. Sensitive stimulation of the fingertips triggers plastic processes directly in the associated brain areas responsible for the hand. Special stimulation patterns developed over many years of research are generated by a pulse generator and applied directly to the fingertips via a completely new type of high-tech therapy glove (tipstim® glove). tipstim® glove is the first Product of its kind, which uses a newly developed, electrically conductive textile fabric that has been tested for medical use. Due to the processing of state-of-the-art materials, tipstim® glove is characterized by a very high wearing comfort and anatomical fit.

The therapy is completely free of pain and side effects and very easy to use. The patient puts on the glove, connects it to the pulse generator and starts the therapy session, ideally daily for about 1 hour. Therapy with tipstim® does not require any special attention from the patient and can - due to the compact design and very simple application - be carried out without any problems in the home environment and integrated into everyday life - even with limited mobility.

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